reWASD 5.5: Steam controller, LED customization, and more

Steam controller support with reWASD 5.5 update post

It’s been 84 years 2 weeks since reWASD 5.5 came out, and even though it may be a little late for a blog post, here we are. This was a huge release, many new features, new supported devices, lots of improvements... If you have missed all the thrill in social media posts related to the latest release, this blog post is for you.

Don't fall behind, and keep your software up to date ;)


So, what exactly is new in reWASD?

  • Meet an improved Gyro that detects the smallest movements. reWASD 5.3 had the functionality to remap Gyro to any mappings you could even imagine, and now we’ve made it more precise.
  • Each slider and curve now have an option to set the numeric value. Set up the exact numbers for all the slider-ish settings in the app.
  • Steam controller support with reWASD 5.5 update post

  • Emulate Virtual Xbox One, keep the trigger vibration if your physical controller supports it. Now, you can emulate DualShock 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
  • Set separate Zone mappings for each direction of a stick or gyro. Make sure you know when you reach the High zone with Gyro, add some Rumble to it. Or literally any other action, that’s the best thing about reWASD. Remap whatever you prefer!
  • Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) and Russian languages are added to reWASD, and more to come. You can change the language in Preferences — General.
  • Change the Vertical and Horizontal axes ranges for Sticks inside Shifts.
  • More fabulous icons in reWASD now permit to detect when the controller’s battery is charging and when it is just connected wired.
  • Remap Logitech G13 gameboard and other Logitech devices that require virtual keyboard and mouse.
  • Choose whether you need a pre-defined hotkey that stops all active combos and whether you want to send a buzz to the gamepad when it’s set as a current one. No more jumpscares because of the controller vibration! Both options are customizable, in Preferences — Gamepad.

Remap Steam, GameCube controllers and Xbox One Chatpad

Steam controller support with reWASD 5.5 update post

As long as reWASD is in development, we will keep adding new controllers. This time, we have added support for Steam controller, GameCube controller, Xbox One Chatpad, Logitech G13 gameboard, and other Logitech devices that require virtual keyboard and mouse. Click the relevant link to check out what is required prior to remapping these devices, since they need a bit more attention before you use all the awesome reWASD features.

Adjust LEDs on DS4, Steam, Razer keyboards and mice

Steam controller support with reWASD 5.5 update post

Tweak the way your LEDs behave on DualSchock 4, Steam controller, Razer keyboards and mice: reWASD permits to change the Color and Mode for Shift and Slot change. Here are the modes that are in your disposal in reWASD: Solid glow, Shimmer, Heartbeat, Stroboscope, Breath, Rainbow. Also, for all the DualShock 4 owners, we have made a config with dark LEDs. So if you're a midnight gamer, give it a try ;)

You can whether set up the generic settings for all configs at once or change LEDs settings in each config separately. Config LEDs settings have higher priority, so they will override what you have set up in Preferences. Our manual explains all the details you need to know, so feel free to check out the LEDs tutorial!

Remember, that to use LEDs in Razer devices, you should install Chroma Connect in Razer Synapse.

DualShock 3 and Nintendo controllers Player LEDs are involved in this update too: they will display what Slot is currently active.

Remap DS3 and PS3 Navigation connected via Bluetooth

No more struggle with different adapters and open-source software, reWASD permits to connect the DS3 and PS3 Navigation gamepads via Bluetooth connection. This requires to pair your controller with PC: connect the gamepad with a wire, and if you have a Bluetooth connection available, click Pair in the message in reWASD. If you prefer to use the gamepad wired, click Skip. As easy and 2+2 ;)

We hope that this article helped you get along with the latest reWASD release. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us below this post in the comment section. Reach out to us wherever you feel comfortable: Discord text chat, on Facebook, or on reWASD Forum. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube to keep your hand on the pulse.