How to use GameCube controller on PC

Wondering if it's possible to use GameCube controller on PC? Even though newer games may not support this amazing old school controller, these are other ways of how to make GameCube controller work on PC. Meet reWASD — the remapping tool you didn’t know you needed ;)

Let's get into it!

reWASD is a powerful remapping software with numerous irreplaceable features. Such as, remap your controller to mouse and keyboard binds for emulators or games with no controller support; connect GameCube controller to PC and use it as Xbox or PlayStation controller; add up to a 1000 binds to a single gamepad; use the controller for work on Desktop too, just make the necessary edits in the layout, add some Key Combos, and you’re good to go. Here is what you’ll need to start with:

  1. Download and install reWASD
  2. Launch the program, and connect GameCube controller to PC: make sure you use a correct mode, and don’t have a third-party GameCube controller PC driver
  3. Add a new game profile to reWASD, the Config is created automatically
  4. Time to start remapping!

This article contains some important tips, make sure to check them out before you start using a GameCube controller on PC.

Use GameCube controller on PC as Xbox or PlayStation gamepad

Use GameCube controller on PC as Xbox or PlayStation gamepad

We know some emulators have no issue recognising GameCube controller on PC, but do other games fully support it? Even if they don’t, reWASD is here to help. You can connect GameCube controller to PC and emulate the Xbox One, 360 or PlayStation 4 controller with our remapper. As a result, we hide your physical controller from the system and mimic one of the chosen gamepads instead!

You can even group other devices with your controller, and use them as one input device: games won’t switch back and forth between the inputs. Needless to say, you can also use GameCube controller on PS Now, PS4 Remote Play, xCloud and other cloud gaming services. reWASD can even emulate PS4 touchpad actions, so you won’t miss a thing in PlayStation exclusives ;)

Tune analog controls up to your preference

reWASD provides the finest tuning of analog controls for your gamepads. If you feel like the sticks are too hard to push, you can make the deadzone smaller. On the contrary, if you have been using GameCube controller on PC or other platforms for long, the sticks may be shaky: expand the deadzone and eliminate stick drift! Same with Trigger deadzones too, you can modify at what point exactly you reach full trigger press. And, you can add any action to the additional buttons GameCube has — Full Press of the triggers. Not to mention different Stick response curve presets, including a custom one: make sure to check out Advanced stick settings to find out about all the possible options. With the right tool, it’s always up to your preference.

Learn how to use GameCube controller on PC with reWASD
Remap GameCube controller for PC games with no controller support

Remap GameCube controller for PC games with no controller support

If you wish to use GameCube controller on PC as mouse and keyboard, we’ve got your back. With reWASD, you can mute the native gamepad actions completely, and assign mouse and keyboard binds to it: a perfect solution for games that don’t support GameCube controller on PC out-of-the-box. Remember I mentioned Sticks and Trigger zones? You can also assign additional actions to them: when the stick or trigger reaches a certain zone, execute a mapping of your choice. Very useful to make the Sticks more intuitive, add a sprint mapping to the High zone, and save yourself a button for something else!

It may seem complicated at first, and if you don’t know what to start with, you are more than welcome to visit the reWASD community. That’s where our users share their configs for certain games. Find yourself a ready-to-go config and remap GameCube controller for PC games in a few clicks! And if you ever forget what your mappings are mid-game, you can look it up in a Desktop Overlay.

Add up to a 1000 mappings to GameCube controller on PC

You may wonder, why would we use such a huge number as a thousand? Probably because it is totally possible with reWASD ;) We have some game-changing features to offer, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ll have enough buttons while using GameCube controller on PC:

  • Try Activators, to assign mappings to single, double, triple or long press actions
  • Check out Shortcuts, they allow you to add a mapping to a 2,3 or 4 button press
  • Irreplaceable Shift mode permits adding up to 4 layers with mappings, and activating them with a Shift modifier
  • Slots feature makes it possible to Apply up to 4 configs to one device at the same time

Choose your fighter, and assign as many mappings as you need to your GameCube controller on PC!

Add up to a 1000 mappings to GameCube controller on PC
Learn how to use GameCube controller on PC with reWASD

Important features that will make your life easier

Make sure to add Descriptions to your mappings: do yourself-from-the-future a huge favor, so the next comeback to your favorite game goes smoother. If you’re planning to use GameCube controller on PC for desktop-related purposes, I would definitely recommend looking into the list of available Commands. You can add such actions as Log out, Sleep, Close an active task or even Take a screenshot and save it right away to the customizable folder. Another ace up our sleeve is the mighty Autodetect: assign certain configs to processes, and reWASD will Apply the config for you once we detect said app in focus. All you need to do is connect GameCube controller to PC, we'll take care of the rest ;)

Add a little bit of spice to your layout for GameCube controller on PC

Meet Turbo and Toggle: these are the features from Rapid Fire group. Turbo allows you to set a pause and fire the key with chosen pause repeatedly while you hold a controller button down. Meanwhile Toggle imitates a pressed key: tap the button once, and the key is pressed; tap it again and it’s released. You can also enrich your config for GameCube controller on PC with some Key Combos! Manage the pauses between key presses, change the number of iterations, record your combos, add combo breaks and more. Create combos to simplify the work in applications like Photoshop, Vegas Pro, even text editors; or make a combo to ease the process of opening the loot boxes! Everything is possible with reWASD ;)

Add a little bit of spice to your layout for GameCube controller on PC